Genuine holographic stickers

Our company specializes in the manufacture of protective and image holograms, hot stamping foil, holographic laminate.

Today genuine unique designed hologram - is one of the best tools for document and goods protection against forgery, what also allows surprise and attracts customer's attention.

As a rule, the individual hologram is based on the following principle - a logo on the special designed background.

Each hologram can be equipped with a variety of unique decorative and protective properties.

Decorative and protective properties of the genuine holograms:

  • Guilloche grids

    - outlet, vignettes, interwoven pattern of the finest lines of, "playing" at different angles of light
  • Kinematic effects

    - motion effects, playing, object increased pulsation, etc.
  • Pseudo surround background (2d-3d)

    – simulates the effect of the location of small objects or inscriptions at some depth below the main image that allows you to emphasize, "raise" it.
  • Micro texts

    – lines with the text 50-200 microns height, when viewed from the hologram with the naked eye look like a shimmering thin solid line. The text can be read with a magnifying glass, usually contains the name of the company or safety signs, such as "original product", "protection against fraud," etc.
  • Nano-texts and Nano-images

    – the objects are absolutely indistinguishable to the naked eye size. Do not have a diffraction grating, i.e., do not reflect light and are not visible under any viewing angle. Can be viewed under a microscope.
  • Fresnel lens

    – decorative element in a rainbow, the apparent convex "droplet".
  • "News ticker" - background consisting of repeating signs, alternately iridescent when the viewing angle. May be also as a 2d-3d background.
  • Hidden images - the image encoded by specific method and manifested only by a special decoder. Place on a hologram, where the "hidden" image looks like a solid grayish area.
  • Numbering - for control and accounting of goods, documents, warranty cards, etc. individual number may be placed to each hologram by unique way of marking or laser thermal transfer printing.