Standart holograms

Stickers with personalization at standard holographic background – is the best option for a small budget as well as the urgent need to fulfill the order.

The technology allows you to put an image or a sign to the future sticker which do not contain very small items. Making labels with personalization is very rapid comparing to the genuine holograms, and profitable for small print runs.

Samples of standard holographic backgrounds

Samples of personalization

Pressing with colored foil

When overprinting using high quality metallic foil KURZ, different colors:
red, green, blue, black, gold, silver, r a i n b o w
Can be combined in several colors.

Laser marking, laser numbering

At the pattern there burns reflecting (silver) background layer, and in this place the sticker becomes transparent. That is, your logo or number will be the color that has a surface on which a hologram is stick.

The same label on different surfaces

Also, with the help of a laser can be made transparent vignettes, delicate patterns on the edges of the hologram, etc.

Thermal transfer marking and thermal transfer numbering

The image or black color numbering is marked at the holographic background with the help of thermal effect.